Cyber Attacks: In the Healthcare Sector

As the healthcare sector continues to offer life critical services while working to improve treatment and patient care with new technologies, criminals and cyber threat actors look to exploit the vulnerabilities that are coupled with these changes. The following blog series will explore one MS-ISAC analyst’s thoughts on today’s sources of frustration for healthcare IT and cybersecurity specialists.

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Introducing CIS-CAT Lite

Since the inception of the CIS Benchmarks over a decade ago, we’ve worked to automate the often daunting task of implementing secure system configurations. The primary way we help users automate is with CIS-CAT, our CIS Configuration Assessment Tool. CIS-CAT has helped organizations and independent IT consultants around the world assess system settings in minutes and quickly view remediation steps for achieving compliance with the CIS Benchmark recommendations. 

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Introducing CIS WorkBench

Communities are at the heart of the CIS Benchmarks. For years, expert IT volunteers from around the world have helped us develop, review, edit and maintain the secure configuration recommendations contained in every CIS Benchmark. This collaborative consensus process is essential to the objective, vendor-agnostic nature of our resources. 

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Introducing CIS-CAT Pro

CIS is proud to unveil CIS-CAT Pro, the newest iteration of the popular and globally-used CIS-CAT. The updated CIS-CAT Pro has two components: CIS-CAT Pro Assessor and CIS-CAT Pro Dashboard. But perhaps the most powerful new feature of CIS-CAT Pro is the ability to assess individual CIS Benchmarks as mapped to the CIS Controls. CIS Benchmarks annotated with CIS Controls mappings include all applicable controls and sub controls for the specific benchmark. CIS is in the first phase of mapping the CIS Benchmarks to the CIS Controls – many more are on the way. In this release, CIS Controls annotations have been completed for the following CIS Benchmarks:

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CIS SecureSuite Puts the Power of Cybersecurity in your Hands

Security-minded IT professionals can significantly improve their organization’s cybersecurity posture by investing in a CIS SecureSuite Membership. Previously known as CIS Security Benchmarks Membership, we have renamed this group of over 1,000 global businesses and government entities to better reflect the combined resources of the CIS Benchmarks and CIS Controls.

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An Inside Look at the CIS Rebranding Initiative

Here at CIS, we’ve been hard at work updating our branding to reflect our evolving mission, growing business and expanding list of products, services and partnerships. The updated branding reflects CIS’ long-standing commitment to sharing collective knowledge and innovation and its ability to help members and clients move from compliance to confidence.

So, what can you expect?

Our multi-stage branding rollout begins with a shift from “The Center for Internet Security” to “CIS” (as many of you have already come to know us). As such, we’ve created a new logo: the gradated swirls of the new logo reflect the power of our global community that’s focused on the shared mission of improving cybersecurity. The CIS monogram is set in a strong Capitolium font to represent CIS’ strength and commitment to our mission.

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2017: New Year’s Resolutions for a CISO

By the Intel & Analysis Working Group (I&AWG) 

Year after year on January 1st we start fresh by taking time to reevaluate our lives; we determine where we are and think about where we'd eventually like to be at year’s end. This recurring tradition usually involves creating a list of resolutions that will be used as a guide to help navigate our way through another 365 days of living a happier, healthier, and more efficient lives.

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2016: By The Numbers (Infographic)

2016 was a year to remember at CIS.

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Security Benchmarks Update: Where is Windows Server 2016?


2016 was an awesome year for the CIS Windows community. Thanks to the enthusiastic participation from our community members, we have been able to roll out major updates for several CIS Security Benchmarks.
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Phishing: Pause Before You Click

Although not a new phenomenon, phishing (attempting to obtain sensitive information or money by masquerading as a trustworthy entity via email) is more common than you might think. Phishing continues to be a pervasive cybersecurity issue in an online environment in which over 205 billion emails are sent daily.

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