Data Deserialization

By Muhammed Zahid Ayar, SOC Analyst

What is serialization?

Computer data is generally organized in data structures such as arrays, records, graphs, classes, or other configurations for efficiency. When data structures need to be stored or transmitted to another location, such as across a network, they need to go through a process called serialization. This process converts and changes the data organization into a linear format that is needed for storage or transmission across computing devices.

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Malware Analysis Report: Numecod Ransomware

By: NYC DoITT SOC & Richard Vargas, CIS SOC Analyst


Nemucod is a Trojan that downloads potentially malicious files to an infected computer. According to Symantec, Nemucod was first discovered in December of 2015 and was associated with downloading malware including Teslacrypt, a variant of ransomware.

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5 Tips for Staying Safe on your Pokémon GO Adventure

Over the past two weeks Pokémon GO has taken the mobile world by storm. Here are our tips for avoiding criminals in real life and online while playing.

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INFOGRAPHIC: Was Your Last Data Breach An Inside Job?

Data breaches can happen to any organization. Whether carried out maliciously or simply the result of employee error, read below to learn just how common data breaches are within the public and private sectors.

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