An Inside Look at the CIS Rebranding Initiative

Here at CIS, we’ve been hard at work updating our branding to reflect our evolving mission, growing business and expanding list of products, services and partnerships. The updated branding reflects CIS’ long-standing commitment to sharing collective knowledge and innovation and its ability to help members and clients move from compliance to confidence.

So, what can you expect?

Our multi-stage branding rollout begins with a shift from “The Center for Internet Security” to “CIS” (as many of you have already come to know us). As such, we’ve created a new logo: the gradated swirls of the new logo reflect the power of our global community that’s focused on the shared mission of improving cybersecurity. The CIS monogram is set in a strong Capitolium font to represent CIS’ strength and commitment to our mission.

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2016: By The Numbers (Infographic)

2016 was a year to remember at CIS.

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Making Security Happen

By Adam Montville

Our mission here at CIS is pretty clear: Lead communities to shepherd security best practices and continuously develop world-class security solutions supporting those practices. I generally like to think of this as working to “make security happen”. In support of this mission we have two important announcements to make today.

First, we have released the first-ever benchmark for your Amazon Web Services accounts, “CIS Amazon Web Services Foundations Benchmark v1.0.0” (here). This benchmark covers the bases for basic AWS services, such as: Identity and Access Management, AWS Config, CloudTrail, CloudWatch, Simple Notification Service, and Simple Storage Service. We have worked with Amazon and other organizations steeped in AWS services and technology to bring this benchmark to release (the folks over at Amazon have some more goodies for you as well - take a look here) using our well-known and respected consensus process. The recommendations embodied in this benchmark are not coming directly from CIS, but from a community of security-conscious, AWS-knowledgeable folks who want to share their work with the rest of the world.

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