2017: New Year’s Resolutions for a CISO

By the Intel & Analysis Working Group (I&AWG) 

Year after year on January 1st we start fresh by taking time to reevaluate our lives; we determine where we are and think about where we'd eventually like to be at year’s end. This recurring tradition usually involves creating a list of resolutions that will be used as a guide to help navigate our way through another 365 days of living a happier, healthier, and more efficient lives.

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New Year’s Resolutions for a CISO

New Year’s Resolutions for a CISO

By the I&AWG

Every January 1st we take a few minutes to reevaluate our lives and where we want to be, and then create (occasionally) realistic resolutions to make our lives healthier or happier. It’s a tradition. A week or a month or two later we skip, slide, and forget about these resolutions until another January 1st rolls around and reminds us that we were going to do something.

So here we are, beginning February, the traditional time when resolutions start to slip, with a few new ones for you. While the following 15 resolutions won’t get you to an exotic island or help you hit the gym more often, hopefully, these will bring some happiness and ease into your work as a CISO. So pick a few (or take on them all!) and hop onto the bandwagon to do more this year with these easy (easier) resolutions that will make a difference in 2016. (There is also a handy one-page printable version https://www.cisecurity.org/documents/documents/Resolutions_for_2016.docx that you can hang as a reminder or print and put by the water cooler to get everyone on board with improving cybersecurity.)

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